Thursday, 19 of October of 2017

Let’s Do Lunch w/ Oreo Jones: Episode 5 w/ Beta Male

Beta Male brings a touch of class to Let’s Do Lunch with Oreo Jones!:

So far Let’s Do Lunch has made chili, grilled cheese, and a Bunch of Old Ladies, but in this episode, Oreo’s switching gears and having a tea party with the band Beta Male.  That’s right, one-man concept-band turned new wave sex-rock hula-hoop band Beta Male classes up the set of Let’s Do Lunch with some Earl Grey tea and cucumber sandwiches on pumpernickel bread.  The group even hosts a guest of honor, Teddy Ruxpin.  We’re going to go ahead and say it:  you’ve never truly partied until you attended a Beta Male tea party.

Beta Male started out as the introspective solo project of David Hazel in 2005.  With a lot of hoopla and hula hooping, David began conspiring with performance artists Allison Hazel and Jessica Hack on Beta Male’s now sexy live performance.  As their artistic relationship blossomed, Allison and Jessica became integral members of the group, respectively playing bass guitar and keys.  With the addition of guitarist TJ Briggs, Beta Male took on the appearance of a tradition four piece, but in all honesty, they were so much more.  Between their adventurous production, fearless lyrics, and eerily erotic live performance, Beta Male proves to be a provocative exploration of emotion rendered in sound and light.


What on Earth would inspire an up-and-coming emcee to start his own cooking show?  In a single word–FOOD.  Oreo Jones is known for his love of food, and in his new web series Let’s Do Lunch, Oreo shares that love and his awkward sense of humor with a new guest every month.

Who is Oreo jones?  This past spring, Oreo Jones took the hip-hop and indie music scenes of Indianapolis by storm with the release of his Delicious EP on Heavy Gun Recordings and was recently voted the 2nd favorite hip-hop act in Nuvo Newsweekly.  The Delicious EP was led by the success of his single “Good Times” which has been featured on several national music blogs and charted up to #4 on the Twitter chart. More recently, Oreo dropped an indie rock collaboration EP titled Oreo Jones & Friends featuring Jookabox, Woodhands, BLKNHBD, We Are Hex, Laura Balke, Grey Granite, and J. Brookinz with support from X103, Butler Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Heavy Gun Recordings to assist VH1’s Save The Music.  In short, Oreo Jones is an artist that should be paid attention!

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